for middle + high school students


At DBSM, we strive to awaken a love for Jesus in the hearts of students so they will establish a connection, that they would be equipped for life, and that they would engage the world. One of the ways we do that is by putting each student in a huddle group. A huddle group is what we like to call our small groups at DBSM. We strategically place students in huddle groups based on their school, grade, and gender. Each group is led by two amazing adult leaders and leaders-in-training, who are heavily invested in DBSM. In addition to huddle groups, we’ve intentionally created 3 separate environments for the students of DBSM so they can have the opportunity to experience Jesus and grow in relationship with Him.


During the school year, Middle Schoolers (6 – 8th grade students) first meet in the SMC Gym for Connections time (games), then they join the High School students in the SMC Auditorium for Invites and Worship led by students, and later transition upstairs to 201 for teaching each Sunday during the 11a service. High Schoolers (9 – 12th grade students) meet in the SMC Auditorium for Grade Group Games, and Invites and Worship led by students (with Middle School) and then Middle School leaves for separate teaching times each Sunday during the 11a service. During the summer, all students meet in the SMC Auditorium for a combined Connections time, Invites, Worship led by students, and teaching with high school students.


During the school year, our Middle and High School students gather collectively every Wednesday to worship and meet together during Huddle Groups. Middle School meets in the SMC Auditorium for a quick 10 minute game and later transitioning to Huddle Groups rooms while High School meets in the SMC Auditorium for Connections, Worship, and Teaching. At the half way mark,Middle School transitions to the SMC Auditorium for Connections, Worship, and Teaching and High School transitions to Huddle Group rooms. Elevate happens August through May while Hangar Nights happen June and July (see below).


During the Summer, our Middle + High School students gather collectively every Wednesday and Thursday (except during Sportsworld Week – June 26th – June 30th, 2017) to just hang out and really connect with each other. We start each night with free time, then we begin a big group game – everyone loves to get involved, after that we will have a brief gospel presentation – someone from our leadership team will likely give their testimony, and then we will have a lot free time so that students can connect with each other through ultimate frisbee, gaga ball, four square, volleyball/nuke ’em, chalk drawing, puzzles, card games, soccer, football, basketball, and Hangar Ball – you’ll have to come to see what that is! High Schoolers meet on Wednesdays and Middle Schoolers meet on Thursdays from 7-9 P.M. Hangar Nights happen during the June and July while Elevate happens August through May (see above).


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