Information Overload

Information Overload 2020 postponed until further notice

Hey Middle School Families and Leaders!

Due to recent spikes in COVID in and around our immediate community we feel the need to POSTPONE INFORMATION OVERLOAD :(.

We want to be sure to move forward with wisdom and discernment when it comes to planning DBSM events while also having to adjust to the ever-changing COVID situation.

With that in mind, we decided to postpone the event for a later date due to the increased number of COVID cases around Denton, Denton ISD, and a few surrounding schools.

We see the HUGE impact this event brings and we LOVE for the students to learn more about the Bible and gospel! At the same time, we need to be wise and use caution where the safety of our students, leaders and families are concerned.

We believe that a future date will allow us to better love and serve families and students as we navigate through this pandemic.

It is a joy and privilege to be a part of Student Ministries and serve alongside incredible volunteers, leaders and staff. We are excited to see IO come to life at a future date!!

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me!

In Him,

Corey Terwilliger

Middle School Coordinator