Apply for a Student Ministries Short-Term Trip

We are very excited that you have expressed interest in serving alongside Denton Bible Student Ministries through a short-term trip. To apply for a short term trip with Denton Bible Student Ministries, SERVE missions, and Denton Bible Church, complete the following steps:

Online Application

Necessary Paperwork

In order to serve on a Student Ministries mission trip, parents and students will need to sign and return the following documents. When completed, return the signed documents to the DBSM Admin Office or the Denton Bible Church main office in an envelope with the students name on it.

Volunteer Screening

Complete the documents needed to volunteer with a ministry of Denton Bible Church (Volunteer Screening Form) and complete the Ministry Safe Screening Video and Quiz. If you are currently serving in a ministry of Denton Bible Church, you may have already completed the following documents. Contact Ryan Carr at if you have questions. Once completed, return the documents to the DBSM Admin Office, SERVE Missions office, the Denton Bible Church main office, or turn it in at a DBSM Sunday or Elevate service.

If you have not completed the Ministry Safe quiz, look out for an email from Joe Calfee ( with the link.


If you already have a passport, make sure you know where it is and that it hasn’t expired. If you do not have a current passport, start working on getting a new or updated passport. We will need a copy of your passport in order to buy plane tickets. Please send a color scan of your passport to, or if you do not have access to a scanner, bring your passport by the DBC main office, to a team meeting, to a DBSM Sunday or Elevate service, or to the DBC SERVE office for a staff member to scan the passport. You may also use your phone to take a photo of your passport and send it in that way as well.