It’s Pegfest time again! On Wednesday, January 30, we are heading back to ALTITUDE Trampoline Park to have our 9th annual high school dodgeball tournament!


For a student to secure their team’s spot, they must turn in:

  • Their full team’s payment
  • A completely filled out team sign-up form (available at the Connex Booth or print below)

For those who want to come but don’t want to be on a team, they must turn in:

  • Their payment ($10 no shirt/ $20 for a shirt)
  • A completely filled out individual sign up-form (available at the Connex Booth or print below)

Waivers can be turned in on the day of the event and are required for EVERYONE.

Teams can have 6 to 8 members of the same gender, 6 on the court at a time. This event is for high school students and DBSM leaders ONLY. One leader max per team. Cost is $20 per person. Sign-up forms can be picked up from the Connex Booth in the Student Ministries Center or click the button below to download your own. Registration forms can only be turned in at the SMC in person. SIGN UP DEADLINE IS SUNDAYJANUARY 27, 2019! The first 12 guys teams and the first 12 girls teams to submit their sign-up forms (and turn in money) will secure their spots. After spots have been filled, additional teams will be put on a waiting list.


Because this year we are going to be at Altitude Trampoline Park for our dodgeball tournament, that means there’s one extra waiver for students to have on file. The first two are our DBC Waiver and Release of Liability and DBC Photo Consent, and Altitude’s online waiver! All three can be competed using the buttons below. If you have been to Altitude within the past year, you do not need to fill out their waiver again. But if it’s been a over a year since you have been (last year’s Pegfest will have been over a year), they require another waiver to be filled out. For our DBC waivers, you’ll need to fill out the Waiver and Release of Liability one again, but if you have ever filled out the Photo Consent one in the past, no need to do so again!

Your student will greatly benefit from having these waivers completed and in hand at the event. It will make check-in at the event far more seamless if it was taken care of. We require all 3 of the above waivers to be completed for students before they can play. You can turn them in early at the Connex Booth, email them to Morgan Sain at, or turn them in at the event.


The event begins at 6:00 pm at Altitude Trampoline Park (2434 S Interstate 35 E #140 Denton, TX 76205). At no point during the event will be meeting at the church. We will start with individual check-in. One at a time, students will check-in at the table, hand in any waivers and money that haven’t been turned in, and then receive their t-shirt and trampoline socks. Once students are completely checked in, they are free to go on the trampoline! Students aren’t allowed to pass the check-in tables until they have completed check-in.

At check-in, for students who would like to join the event and enjoy the trampoline park but are not on a team, we will be selling wristbands at the door for $10! They will get to enjoy the trampolines, non-dodgeball game competitions, and have pizza! (They will not receive a t-shirt.) However, if a student pays $20 by January 27th, they will get to enjoy the trampolines, non-dodgeball game competitions, have pizza, and get a t-shirt!

At Pegfest, we will be providing pizza, an assortment of candy, cookies, and chips, and drinks to students.

The tournament will finish at 9:30 pm!

We are so excited about this event!! Can’t wait to see your students there!


  • WHO: High School Students
  • WHAT: Pegfest
  • WHEN: Wednesday, January 30th, 2019
  • WHERE: Altitude Trampoline Park at 2434 S Interstate 35 E STE #140, Denton, TX 76205
  • PRICING: $20 per person per team. 6 members minimum/ 8 members maximum. $10 at the door for individuals or $20 in advance for individuals who want a t-shirt. The deadline for registration for teams and individuals who would like t-shirts is Sunday, January 27th, 2019.
  • WAIVERS AND PHOTO RELEASE: DBC Waivers, DBC Photo Release, Altitude Waiver, and Pegfest Team/Individual Registration Forms can be download using the buttons below.
  • QUESTIONS: Contact our office coordinator, Morgan Sain, at